The Art of Healing

4 Day Workshop



January 18-21

12 PM - 1:30 PM MST


Online via Zoom

Cost is $250 USD

Some educational discounts are available.

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Call Mark at 888-380-6388 

The Art of Healing

Four Day Workshop

…going beyond the mindset of wanting to heal yourself and others physically and emotionally.

As everyone who has taken several of my courses and classes already know, they are all different...even if they are repeated. These classes and courses are unique to the mind of the group.

We are also being shown that there is a progression in us, in the Mind that we participate in.

Classes start at 12 noon MST for one and a half hours each day via Zoom. The cost is $250 USD. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal as well as an email from with the Zoom details.

Video replays for each of the four days will be available privately for participants only.

The Workshop:

Healing is part of the past of the soul – it is learning to remember, and everyone has it within them… from other times and places that they’ve learned to develop to varying degrees; some have it more predominant this time. Mark will be teaching people how to tap into the memory and develop it even greater in a simpler and more evolved way.

Day 1:

A dialog and understanding spiritual healing with participation in interaction. Including a Q&A session, Helping people understand that we’re tapping into the intuitive and perceiving inside what we’re doing, opening up the sight and utilizing the imagination. Exercises to develop so people can practice for homework

Day-2 and 3:

Developing upon the first class and working with the energies that you’re intuiting. Having a spiritual exercise to develop that practice Including a Q&A session.


Working with the timelines; perceiving the age(s) of incidents whether it be physical or emotional. Including Q&A session!

Who's Mark?

Mark Earlix is an internationally known Healer-Intuitive, teacher, author and Gnostic priest. Mark is a recognized voice and authority in the spiritual community throughout the US.


He is passionate about teaching and helping others in becoming aware of themselves and their abilities through his Healing Circles, many Workshops on Physical Healing, various topics on Spirituality and Apprentice Trainings around the country.

Mark is accredited for his working with and teaching many thousands of people globally, for his books and Audio CD set, ‘Awaken the Healer Within” produced by Nightingale Conant as well as other books such as “Creator: A Revelation of Healing Yourself and Others” and “Take My Life”.

Mark’s clients and students describe him as a “true healer by the Grace of God”.

Mark looks forward to seeing old and new friends alike when he is traveling to teach and work with others. After speaking engagements and workshops, Mark enjoys his time to discover unusual pieces of hand-made art and at times loves to work with clay, go off-trail hiking, watercolor painting and even prospecting.

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