Experiential Healing

Series 3



Date: TBA

Currently available via recordings only at this time.

Cost is $250 USD

Some educational discounts are available.

Contact Lynn at admin@markearlix.com or

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Experiential Healing Series 3



Continuing the journey and growth to go beyond the mindset of wanting to heal yourself and others ... 

physically and emotionally.

How would your life change if you could learn how to shift your mindset, stay calm and be a healing presence for yourself, your family and others?

This is your opportunity to learn more of your life's story. It’s a matter of taking a look at your habits and taking a different approach. It is imperative at this time that you focus on learning what's important to you, that you develop your gift … because you ARE the gift!


As everyone who has taken several of my courses and classes already know, they are all different...even if they are repeated. These classes and courses are unique to the mind of the group.

We are also being shown that there is a progression in us, in the Mind that we participate in.

Classes start at 12 noon MDT for one hour each day via Zoom. The cost is $250 USD. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal as well as an email from Admin@MarkEarlix.com with the Zoom details.

Video replays for each of the four days will be available privately for participants only.

Prerequisite: Experiential Healing Introduction and Series 2 or any previous advanced Healing Class, Spiritual Healing Class, Workshop Intuitive Training Workshops, or Apprentice Training Course of Study.

The Workshop:

Healing is the remembrance of our soul’s experience in other times and places that you have learned to develop to varying degrees, some have it more predominant this time. Mark teaches you how to tap into that memory and develop your abilities even greater.


This particular 4-Day Study and Experiential Work will take you deeper into the world of Spiritual Healing. Its understandings will be a progression based from the previous workshops in the series. 


Your philosophical and experiential understanding will evolve, as well as a development in the use of Spiritual Healing and the Intuitive skill. Each day, we will begin with a discussion of the exercises assigned the day before.

Topic areas include:

1: A greater understanding and utilization of healing with greater confidence

2: Developing empowering thoughts and knowing to a new level of confidence to find a greater confidence

3: Spiritual healing exercises to help develop your abilities for healing in working with yourself and others

4: Further development the ability to focus.

BONUS: A 15-minutes one-to-one session with Mark as a general appointment and to allow you to ask questions privately. Also, for those that want help in body discomforts, aches and pain, or emotional help and questions…This offer is valid for only one session per person. Regular Personal Appointments are available if desired and may be arranged calling me at 888.380.6388.

What are you walking away with?

  • A greater depth, understanding and experiential of healing and the spiritual nature of healing.

  • How to work more fluidly in the realms of spirituality.

  • How easily the understandings and practice can be used as a modality by itself or easily integrated into any modality.

  • Further understand and develop the ability to focus.

  • Time with a Master Spiritual Healer (with over 45 years of experience) who can help you develop your own spiritual healing applications.

  • Join in a community with others of like-purpose and mind who are striving to learn more about themselves.

Who is this NOT for?

  • Anyone who wants to live in a space of negativity

  • Anyone who is not open to spiritual healing

  • Anyone who thinks the world is coming to an end

Who's Mark?

Mark Earlix is an internationally known Healer-Intuitive, teacher, author and Gnostic priest. Mark is a recognized voice and authority in the spiritual community. He is passionate about teaching and helping others in becoming aware of themselves and their abilities through his Healing Circles, many Workshops and Apprentice Trainings around the country.

Mark is accredited for his working with and teaching many thousands of people globally, for his books and Audio CD set, ‘Awaken the Healer Within” produced by Nightingale Conant as well as other books such as “Creator: A Revelation of Healing Yourself and Others” and “Take My Life”.

Mark’s clients and students describe him as a “true healer by the Grace of God”.

Mark looks forward to seeing old and new friends alike when he travels for work. After speaking engagements and workshops, Mark takes time to discover unusual pieces of hand-made art to add to his collection. Mark also loves to work with clay and go off-trail hiking.

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