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Chaotic Self

Chaos is always happening on all levels in our consciousness and also all around us in the atmosphere of our life. Chaos is an aspect and identification of our degeneration. And chaos is the inevitable demarcation that change is forming into new life.

As we begin to notice the shift of living…this is the time to delve into, attempt to search for a sense of identification and integration and find that peace within your Self.

The shift we feel is the downtime; the transition that can be made smooth... by us, and not by some god that is 3 blocks up and 4 blocks to the north. Nor, can it be made smooth by thinking that “this is our time to be depressed, worried or fearful, but just by being aware of the change that is happing”.

All that is happening in our life at this time is really the answer to our initiated prayer that was expressed from our heart from a long time ago or more recently. This prayer was initially set into motion through our desire by prior chaotic change.

You can align yourself now with others like yourself. Find them… those that are also searching and those that are finding a greater meaning and joy in life.

Obviously, as we align ourselves with the “destructive others,” we also find the destructive nature within ourselves. If this is true, then we ultimately have the availability to utilize “free-will” to determine which wisdom we choose to live within life.

Otherwise, the events of your current groups and friends, the venue of the preferred patterned experiences will turn you cold and harden you to continually find yourself living in the old patterns of fear, depression and anxiety.

The older established patterns that were used to negate yourself will destroy the psyche of enthusiasm, creativity and the moral nature in your search for God within… this is the way of the “mass-mind consciousness”.

The mass mind has no focus and teaches no focus... only the destructiveness through self-absorption by perpetuated thinking. Reaction and its engaging, is a means to no end, no way out, except in an enlightening within.

Look deeply into your Self for the peace.



Original image by Unknown Artist

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