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Death Upon Us

So many forms of death;

We need death

We need death in its order, to awaken... as above, below.

What has been your death this time?

Do you remember what slayed you last week or last year or many years ago? Do you remember?

And when you experienced it, death, did it free you? Or not, why not?

Have you awakened from your death to become freer?


Yearly I am asked to share this "Death Upon Us" letter that I have been posting (it's probably the 8th - 9th year in a row. Please enjoy and share it.

Blessings to all!

Death Upon Us by Mark Earlix

For the past many years, many people have asked for a response of what so many of them are currently going through… as they feel the sadness and separations in life in the season of this time of year… and as some are just beginning to come forth from it.

In the winter season, from the beginnings of December through the month of January, we find that our relationships in home and all areas of our life seem to be on the verge of destruction. Our lives have little or no meaning and we begin to explore the realms of depression from within the inner and outer words we express and live.

There are moments and even longer minutes of which we feel as though we could and sometimes do have the welling-up of tears and sometimes without any meaning or reason.

We find life meaningless as we struggle through the day, hours, minutes and seconds that we live… in remorse and regret of something that we just aren’t sure of yet.

We feel that, “why am I alive, what have I really got in life, what have I achieved, what difference would it really make in life… without me, why am I really here?”

The days and nights seem long, and when we can sleep we want to get away from our reality. And then is the time we give up on asking the question, “God, are you really there, can you and do you really hear me?”

This is the season of Death that there might be Growth and Life.

The Birth of Life is upon us!

This is the season and the reason and expectation in all life's existence.

Our very existence of Its life that flows through our veins and is the very Consciousness within every particle of our being.

Those that are most sensitive knowingly and unknowingly and in tune with this pulse in time, feel the motion and emotion of the season.

For us, it is un-like the smooth transition and change of the life of nature in the world we share. Even the elements eventually evolve into forms from simple consciousness to forms of higher species.

Our life is based upon and revolves around the Light of the Sun. The Sun is our Source and we cannot be without Its influences upon us.

We find that the unwritten sorrows and remembrances and reflections of which we have already been through are simply not integrated yet and we draw upon the remembrances and reflections for something to grab onto in our sanely un-sane acts.

This is the time of year to understand the relevancy of these dilemmas that truly are there only to grab a hold of us again and to keep us from the great transformation and evolution that only Death can bring… allowing ourselves to be aware that Death is happening and this awareness is being totally up to us, because we are born into Free Will unlike any other living organism in our Cosmos.

The Earth has temporarily left its closer orbit pulling itself further away from the Sun as a great metamorphosis occurs, it pulls us away from our Source of life. This act is part of the great eco-system of our universe that generates and regenerates life in the physical and non-physical life as we feel the loss internally and emotionally.

The act of Creation is upon us as Its pull and yearnings come closer toward us again as it does on Its yearly path and in all Its glory… that we can acknowledge and experience re-birth in the symbolic spring equinox.

We then can observe that the situations that were helpless and hopeless begin to deteriorate as their memories were lost and that there is an upswing in the way we feel, think and act. We find that something has changed within us and around us as we try to reflect back on what is different in the moment… being somewhat unaware of what we have been through the previous weeks and months of our lives.

We are re-borne to a greater consciousness that comes upon us, a greater wisdom as It is enmeshed within us. And we have an ability of conscious awareness as never before in our history to become more aware, more Enlightened from it.

We settle back within ourselves and sometimes change in our friendships and relationships and living seems simpler as distress is replaced with peace.

Take to heart that the Death is now in change as we can watch its cycle of re-creation… and ours as well.

Sincerely and in the love and grace,


art by Tomasz Alen Kopera


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