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Healing through Adventures

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It was a couple of weeks ago that that I was mentioning about a newer prospecting hobby that came into my life. My intent was the most wonderful idea of finally getting some exercise, getting out in the fresh air, discovering the beauty of the area that is all around me with forests and mountains, and the most wonderful opportunity in solitude to re-begin communing with God.

Last week, a geologist fellow I knew agreed to take me into the mountains/wilderness to help me understand a little about prospecting. He wanted to show me the way ancient glaciers moved, how far the water went into the dry banks from thousands of years ago, the types of rocks in the area, what they meant and how to pan for tiny garnets and little bits of flower gold. A lot of the information was a little much for me, and was almost able to understand the best I could.

After pointing out a possible area to do some panning, we both headed out to the edge of the cold water. The stream was cold (did I mention that it was really cold?).

While following him, and not looking how I was walking without any caution, I realized that my feet flew out in front of me! The stream was filled with large bedrock filled with mud and wet-slimy moss covering them.

As my left side hit landing hard on the rocks, I injured the left kneecap, left rib and right knee. The other fellow turned in panic after hearing my equipment fall and asked if I was okay? And of course (being a guy) I laughed and said, “Sure, just a little slip.” We kept on working for about four more hours. After I got home in the early evening, everything began to hurt. I watched the kneecap swell and turn deep black and blue. The right leg had a cut. And my left rib I knew was broken or fractured. A couple of hours later, I reluctantly and painfully laid down to sleep, as the rib moved inside me! No matter which position I could get my body into, the rib moved and created pain with difficulty in breathing.

Reflecting back to when it began, I didn’t want to get side-tracked or stop this adventure. This was everything I wanted to do and even had thoughts about since my late teenage years.

As I awoke late that next morning, I realized that in the joy of this adventure, it is what creates quickened healing.

One of my friends expressed; “WOW! Glad you recovered from your fall. You truly are able to blend the higher with the lower, both worlds!”

Now, three days later, the kneecap pain and bruising is gone. And, the rib is mostly comfortable and not even moving inside.

It is more like:

From the beginning, the healing and change begins.

Sure, we go through the injuries, discomforts and the uncomfortableness of life, disease and injury, but, it doesn’t have to be for that long or as intense as it might have been.

Some of what affects us and perpetuates in life is the lack of joy and the lack of intent.



Original image by Stux

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