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Where's the Joy?

Original image by SplitShire

A couple of days ago, over the phone I was talking with a buddy of mine in Phoenix. Well, we both and individually came back with reasonable understandings of adaptations that despite the virus happening, there were limitations.

For me, this includes no in-person communications, no traveling, the derailment of outside of home classes, healing circles and even appointments which so many others truly enjoyed and had wonderful experiences in their Divinity.

The conflicts, pressures and derailments in our social and personal lives often takes priority and precedents. These events also injure us as they become repetitive events.

Well, as I went on expressing to my friend, everything has been so busy in all the mentions above... and, also having found the availability to fit more activity in because of the restrictions, and still being afforded free time in my life.

But, the things I’ve added to the agenda are the things that I want to do. The things I used to momentarily dream about at a younger time.

These things have an affect in our morale, social, physical and mental lives. They also have affect in a different but more purposeful spiritual direction that gives fulfillment to the integration in blending earth and heaven within us. Just by wondering,

What did I used to dream about or desire to do?

What about me?

What could give me a little more joy as reasonable or unreasonable as it may be?



Original image by SplitShire

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