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You Are the Gift

There is something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time, but haven’t known the more correct way to say it.

When you are born into one gift or many gifts, it is best not to think of them as gifts, but that you are the gift.

As you do think of these things as gifts or special attributes, they are lost initially, put aside until there is a change of heart.

That is also why it is best to find and put aside the pride, it hinders you as you think of spirituality as easy. It is a lifelong battle and these things are somewhat lost... until they can blend back within us.

These gifts are lost until there is a change of heart.

That is also why it is best to find it, the pride, and put aside the pride. This is a lifelong battle, of when we think that it, the pride is conquered.

As you do put these things aside, not many things will matter to you anymore from the talk or situations of people. It is only important to be there for others... from the heart. This is also how we can accept and access our gifts within. As we get to know our Self.... that the Creator is sealed within us.

Warmly, Mark Earlix

art by Science3point0

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