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Illuminating Your Wisdom

4 Day Workshop



March 18th - 21st

12 PM - 1:30 PM AZ time


Online via Zoom

Cost is $295 USD

Some educational discounts are available.

Contact Zach at or

Call Mark at 888-380-6388 

Illuminating Your Wisdom
4 Day Workshop

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The workshop:

“Illuminating Your Wisdom”

a 4-Day ZOOM Workshop with Mark Earlix

March 18th - 21st    12:00 – 1:30pm (AZ time) each day


In this empowering workshop Mark will help you to:

  • come to greater understand who you are through Mark’s teachings infused with the Wisdom of the Old Ones

  • learn how to recognize more about yourself and others

  • discover greater empowerment, clarity and simplicity in your life

  • find cohesiveness and peace in your daily living, your relationships and your decision making process

  • recognize your innate wisdom from a unique perspective


This workshop is for anyone who is seeking to delve deeper into a greater world of spirituality. We will explore your spiritual understanding and help you cultivate your own internal wisdom. Lectures, exercises, contemplation, and open dialogue will assist in your learning and growing process.


This is a dynamic 4-Day workshop you will not want to miss!


COST: $295

Discounted pre-registration available

If an additional discount is required, please contact Zach at:

ZOOM link and instructions will be provided after you register.


Contact Mark directly at:

888.380.6388 or

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