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Appointments are now available by Phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

Mark is available several days a week.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Some people come with specific issues in mind while others come for what Mark calls a "Spiritual Tune-Up".

Mark listens as you initially express your concerns – physical, emotional, neurological, or undefined – then the Healing Session begins.

Mark intuitively begins his work.

People generally experience heat, cold, a sensation of air moving through them, their bones moving inside of them, electrical sensations, burning, emotional catharsis, or a variety of other sensations. Those who feel these effects need to. The few who don’t, don’t need to.

Mark works extensively with emotional dilemmas, dramas and traumas. He also works with life's worries, fear, anxiety and trauma. Mark also works with Spiritual situations and questions that you might have had or currently encountering and have questions about them. 

Some problems require more than one session to resolve. Most people experience significant dissipation or complete relief during or after the first visit. Others might require 24-48 hours for healing to occur.

All appointments are confidential. All individual sessions are beneficial for body, mind and spiritual well being. Please take extra care of yourself for the next 24 hours and be aware that you may experience anything from an increase in energy to the need to take a nap.

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