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Awaken the Healer Within


Awaken the Healer Within has to be, by far, the best book on energy healing that I have ever read. Yet his book is not merely about energy healing.

The book digs to the core of the human condition–to the fact that “All emotional trauma of the past is held in the cells of the body as a form of energy. The trauma is the creation of the diseased body. It starts with our mental perceptions and then moves into our emotional response to these perceptions, and then into our physical body.”

This is the basis of all pain and dis-ease in the body. Mark’s teachings show you how to sense this energy and how to redirect the energy for healing. This method can be used to heal yourself, others, and even your pet, whether they are in the same room or hundreds of miles away. It doesn’t matter.

Reading this book will also make you take a long, hard look at yourself to analyze how you became who you are today through recurring conditioned reactions relating back to one or two casual moments in your life. You have the power to alter these reactions and change your life for the better. You can become aware of and attune with the Divinity within you. Awaken the Healer Within will show you how.

Awaken the Healer Within is full of reader-friendly meditations and exercises that anybody can utilize to learn how to heal themselves and others. There is one in particular, an exercise to relieve a headache, that was so simple that it worked for me on the first try! Another one of the exercises, “The Grounding Exercise,” I now use on a daily basis. It is quick and simple, and really works! Included are meditations and exercises for Spiritual Focus, The Divine Self, Grounding, Conscious Awareness, Energy Stabilizing, and more. All of the exercises and meditations used in the book are conveniently listed in the Quick Reference Section in the back of the book for easy access during the learning process.  — Becki Baumgartner

Take My Life


“This is a profound journey into the heart and soul of a mystic. The Voice speaks, not only to author Mark Earlix, but to each one of us. Beckoning the reader to see beyond illusions of light and dark and find the truth within. Reminiscent of the masters such as Rumi, Gabrahm, Meister Eckhart and other mystics throughout the ages. The Voice urges us to embrace simple truth… I Am. This book will take you as deep into the mystery as you are willing to go.” — Ann Albers

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