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Secure Your Appointment

Phone Sessions Cost  $150

First Time Session Cost: $125


Call Mark and reserve your space at an upcoming workshop. You can pay here for convenience, or pay in person at the time of the class. (PayPal or Zelle)


Call  888-380-6388 for more information and/or to make your appointment with Mark.

Beginning Spiritual Healing 

1- Day and 2-Day Workshops
Bring the Power of Healing and Intuition Into Your Life.

Advanced Spiritual Healing 

1-Day and 2-Day Workshops
This interactive, experiential and knowledge-filled workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding and experience of healing.

Beginning Intuition Workshop 

1-Day and 2-Day Workshops
Learn how to recognize and acknowledge your inner Voice, hear and follow Its guidance. 

Advanced Intuition Workshop

1-Day and 2-Day Workshops

Strengthen your intuition and live a life that is true to yourself without being derailed by outside influences.  

Intuition – Living from the Heart

1-Day and 2-Day Workshops 

Gain clarity, remove blocks, release fears and learn to trust the Voice of your heart.

Illumination – Initiation into the Light 

2-Day Workshop

A quiet and deeply spiritual exercise with minimal verbal interaction. Its purpose is for you to quietly listen with little feedback and for you to watch within as Mark guides you into the Light. This powerful workshop will change your life.

Prayers to Live By

1-Day Workshop
Learn what prayer is, how to understand it, approach it, and get out of the way of its workings.

Eliminate Destructive Eating 

1-Day Workshop
Uncover the patterns of destructive eating and develop a permanent distaste for those negative scenarios.

Ultimate Meditation for Answers

1-Day Workshop
Experience and know how to recognize answers from within as Mark teaches you the way he learned meditation in the Gnostic Order. 

Enter the World of Imagination 

1-Day Workshop
Explore how to first use the art of pretend and then that of imagining, which is a must for all manifestation in your life.

Redirect Destructive Self-Talk

1-Day Workshop
Acknowledge your internal conversations so you can change your response to the messages you previously accepted from others and yourself.


1-Day Workshop
Discover the difference between what is called prayer or wishful thinking, and true manifestation. This workshop takes you beyond The Secret and other philosophical understandings and gives you the missing ingredients.

Various Past Recorded Workshops and Mini Courses Available

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