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An Apprentice Program for Total Mind-Body Healing

Awaken the Healer Within  

CD Version Includes 7 CDs & writable PDF workbook.

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Awaken the Healer Within  

MP3 Version Includes 7 Sessions in MP3 format & writable PDF workbook.

Access the miraculous healing power of your mind in just minutes!


Discover how much power you REALLY have!

Stress, worry, and illness are almost always the result of a negative or destructive manifestation of energy in your mind, body, or spirit. And within your own self lies the power to heal them!

This power is NOT buried deep inside, requiring years of meditation and exploration to be accessed. It’s just a simple “recognition” away.

For more than 40 years, teacher and healer Mark Earlix has helped tens of thousands of people achieve this recognition, and activate their own inner healing power. The principle behind everything he does is simple: Feel the energy of any unhealthy or unwanted situation or condition, and then change it into something positive. After all, it is energy.

Through the step-by-step process Earlix lays out in this breakthrough program, you’ll learn how to harness all the energy that is available in this instant. Then, with all distractions put aside, not only will you recognize what needs to be healed — in yourself, or in someone else — you’ll be able to use your natural abilities to manipulate energy and help heal the problem.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the areas of your body that need healing and learn how to receive information about what those areas want to show or tell you.

  • Identify the negative incidents that caused you to feel the way you do about things, and learn how to let those incidents go so you can finally become free and whole again.

  • Feel better than you have in years or even decades.

  • Use energy to help others heal.

  • Identify destructive, negative energies, then shift them into a good and productive energetic response.

  • Instantly stop a cold or flu from coming on, and remedy any ailment you may have.

  • And much, much more!


Using this powerful cutting-edge approach, Mark Earlix has never met anyone who hasn’t been able to recognize and use the universal energy that is within and around us to create a healing experience.

Discover it for yourself, and you too will enjoy a healthier, happier, more empowered life for yourself and the people you love.

An Interview with Mark by Nightingale Conant (in two parts)

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