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The Art of Healing Workshop

Going beyond the mindset of wanting to heal yourself and others physically and emotionally.


The Workshop:

Healing is part of the past of the soul – it is learning to remember, and everyone has it within them… from other times and places that they’ve learned to develop to varying degrees; some have it more predominant this time. Mark will be teaching people how to tap into the memory and develop it even greater in a simpler and more evolved way.

Day 1:

A dialog and understanding spiritual healing with participation in interaction. Including a Q&A session, Helping people understand that we’re tapping into the intuitive and perceiving inside what we’re doing, opening up the sight and utilizing the imagination. Exercises to develop so people can practice for homework

Day-2 and 3:

Developing upon the first class and working with the energies that you’re intuiting. Having a spiritual exercise to develop that practice Including a Q&A session.


Working with the timelines; perceiving the age(s) of incidents whether it be physical or emotional. Including Q&A session!


This workshop consists of four videos that are approximately 90 minutes each.


The Art of Healing Workshop

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