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Intuition, A New Birth

This workshop is based on Mark's #1 Best Selling book/audio of Awaken the Healer Within.


Learn: What are the truer understandings of the intuitive experience

  • Mark will help you learn how to initiate your intuition for a greater experience.

Learn: How to perceive the Voice.

  • Find the Voice and know the difference between It and fantasy.
  • See and hear what It wants to share with you, for you and others.

Lectures and participation on Intuition by Mark

Live interactions with Mark and the group

Exercises for practice and understanding intuition to take into your life


As everyone who has taken several of my courses and classes already know, they are all different...even if they are repeated. These classes and courses are unique to the mind of the group.

We are also being shown that there is a progression in us, in the Mind that we participate in.


This workshop consists of four videos that are approximately 90 minutes each.


Who's Mark?

Mark Earlix is an internationally known Healer-Intuitive, teacher, author and Gnostic priest. Mark is a recognized voice and authority in the spiritual community. He is passionate about teaching and helping others in becoming aware of themselves and their abilities through his Healing Circles, many Workshops and Apprentice Trainings around the country.

Mark is accredited for his working with and teaching many thousands of people globally. His books and Audio CD set, ‘Awaken the Healer Within” published by Nightingale Conant as well as other books such as “Creator: A Revelation of Healing Yourself and Others” and “Take My Life” are also available.

Mark’s clients and students describe him as a “true healer by the Grace of God”.

Intuition, A New Birth

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