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Awaken the Healer Within: Beyond Healing

Teachings from the #1 Best-Selling book/audio: Awaken the Healer Within.

The purpose of this workshop is to go beyond the minds thinking’s of what we refer to as Spiritual Healing.

This class will go deeper into the understandings of why and how healing happens… and what it takes to stimulate the healing to happen. This class is to help us grow in Spiritual Healing to a greater degree in order to work with ourselves and others.

In this course we will delve into a greater understanding of:

  • How to work more fluidly with healing
  • Exercises for our development
  • Development of a greater self-love

Put The Power Of Healing To Work In Your Life And Change The Way You Feel And Live.


Join us on this journey as you discover your own healer within. All workshops are unique in and of itself. You are welcome to attend, regardless of your perceived level of skill or spirituality. All you need is a desire to heal.


This workshop consists of four videos that are approximately 90 minutes each.

Awaken the Healer Within: Beyond Healing

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