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Going Beyond Healing

Open yourself to a greater power, force and energy that is naturally within you.

In this workshop, we’ll emphasize more into the world of the utilization of scanning and perceptions that we normally have. So, now we can become more aware of the perceptions that are guiding and directing.

Mark will take you through unique techniques on how to work with yourself and others utilizing true healing, engaging methods he teaches and uses with others.


  • First we’ll learn “how to scan”.

  • We’ll also be developing and fine-tuning our tools of scanning and what it means.

  • There will be ample time for questions, answers and discussions.

  • Scanning works with the intuitive perceptions.

  • Scanning works with hands-on and even in non-touch.


This workshop consists of four videos that are approximately 90 minutes each.

Going Beyond Healing

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