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These Spiritual Exercises by Mark Earlix are powerful! 

We suggest you listen to them only once a day and not in the car while driving.

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Spiritual Exercises and Meditations

Light Consciousness

This wonderful imagery exercise is not a meditation. This starts off with a fluid “take down” into a peaceful meditative state and then peacefully leads into an exercise that was partially designed by one of Marks spiritual teachers over 30 years ago. It will guide you into developing your spiritual awareness of the Light. Mystical in nature, it is also designed to help the listener to achieve spiritual perception and growth for years to come.

Orange Focus

A flow of imagery given by Mark Earlix in one of the most powerful and productive exercises for your ability to focus into the word of intent and meditation. The Orange Focus Exercise is a simple and increasingly powerful visualization utilizing the fruit of an orange. This exercise is ancient in practice and was used by the sages of old.

Flow of Life

A Contemplative Imagery Exercise. This imagery contemplation is not a meditation. This is an exercise designed to help the listener to achieve emotional, biological and physical health. Being mystical in nature, it is also designed to help the listener to achieve spiritual focus and spiritual well being integrated with the physical and spiritual expression from within. Mark Earlix narrates this exercise with his harmonious voice.

Higher Self Meditation

A Guided Meditation For Revelation. Divine Self potentiates the growth of awareness of Self. In sacred writings Self is often referred to as the Small Still Voice Within. It is the Light, the Life and the Love in every living thing. Through this instructive meditation you can actually learn to experience the Divine Self within you.

Music of the Spheres


OM Meditation for Revelation. The OM has long been considered the mystical sound of Universal Creation. In Music of the Spheres Mark has recreatd an “OM” (Aum) meditation in mystical waves and harmonious tones that blend together to create a blissful state in the listener. Whether you are experienced at meditating or just beginning, this OM meditation will greatly enhance your divine and inward journey. Heal yourself through this mystical and musical revelation.

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