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4 Day Workshop



July 8th - 11th

11:30 AM - 1 PM AZ time


Online via Zoom

Cost is $295 USD

Some educational discounts are available.

Contact Zach at or

Call Mark at 888-380-6388 

4 Day Workshop


The workshop:


An online workshop with Mark Earlix on ZOOM
July 8th - 11th   11:30AM  - 1:00PM (Arizona time) each day

In this unique and interactive workshop, you will be given the opportunity to develop a truer understanding of Intuition.                            

  • Learn how to recognize and initiate your intuition.

  • Learn how to perceive the Voice.

  • Learn the Voice and know the difference between intuition and fantasy.

  • Learn to see and hear what It wants to share for you and others.

  • Learn to develop a greater Intuition for you.

  • Learn to takeaway with you the Understandings and Tools for Application

This Workshop includes:

  1. Lectures and experiential participation on Intuition

  2. Live interactions with Mark and the group

  3. Exercises for practice and understanding intuition to use into your life

All classes are different.  Even if you have done similar workshops in the past, each course is unique and flows with the energies of the specific group.

We are also being shown that there is a progression in us, in the Mind in which we participate

COST: $295

Discounted per-registration available

If an additional discount is required, please contact Zach at:

ZOOM link and instructions will be provided after you register.


Contact Mark directly at:

888.380.6388 or

No worries about missing some or all the event; video replays for each of the four days will be available privately for paid participants.

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