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April 14, 2021



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The Gathering

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The Gathering was created to answer questions regarding Spirituality, Healing and Intuition. 

This is a service provided to give you a free resource so that you may come to understand questions or thoughts that have crossed your mind.

Every Monday through to Wednesday, you have the opportunity to either email Mark your questions or go to the Spiritual Healing with Mark Earlix Facebook Group and post them there.

Join Mark on Wednesday at 7 PM MDT to listen to his answers LIVE.


As a bonus, Mark randomly selects people who are there to heal any physical pain or discomfort. 

An additional bonus has been added at the end to offer strength, guidance, and calmness during this unprecedented time in the form of a meditation.

Not part of the group? Join the Spiritual Healing with Mark Earlix Facebook Group today. It's a private and safe group.

Not sure of your time zone? Use this handy website resource to quickly look up the time difference: World Time Buddy. There is no download necessary and it's free. Simply type in your city and state and Boulder, CO as the second place and it will display the current time for each zone. There is also a chart to the right to see what your time will be at 7PM MDT.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lynn at

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