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Mark Earlix is dedicated to helping people to heal
and to teaching others about healing.



Healing Clinic

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May 23rd

$55 USD

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Spiritual Matters with Mark Earlix

Sensitive, open, and uncensored, Mark uses his gift of healing to see into the source of pain, emotional traumas, and physical diseases and conditions. He then connects to the person’s spirit to resolve those issues to end the suffering so they may fully heal. 

When therapists and medical doctors have reached their potential for helping patients, they have often privately suggested that their patients see Mark.

Mark is now living in AZ and is working out of the SNAP Campus.

Mark is now living in AZ and is working out of the

SNAP Campus.


In-person Appointments

Monday – Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm (Scottsdale, AZ, AZ Time).

Phone Appointments

Monday – Friday, 10 am – 9 pm (Scottsdale, AZ, AZ Time).

Also available some weekends.

Personal Appointments
Now Available by In-person, Phone, Zoom, or FaceTime.

Secure Your Appointment

Sessions Cost  $150

First-Time Session Cost: $125

Call Mark and schedule your appointment. Payments accepted via PayPal or Zelle (payment links at bottom of page). 

Call  1.888.380.6388

to book your personal appointment with Mark.

First Session - $125

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Returning Client Session $150

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Mark's New Book
Available for Order!


I’m now a full-time resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, and excited to begin offering private sessions, healing circles, clinics, and other events IN PERSON!




Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place (S.N.A.P.)

Scottsdale Congregational United Church of Christ

4425 N. Granite Reef, Scottsdale, AZ  85251


CONTACT ME TODAY!  888.380.6388 -

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Online Healing Circle:

May 21st


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Please be advised that Mark Earlix owns all legal rights to Mark Earlix, LLC. Any individual or group trying to impersonate or intercede with any type of  communication between Mark Earlix (or his Assistants) and Businesses for purposes of wrongful gain or defamation of Mark Earlix's person or business may be subject to penalties under Arizona state laws.

If you are the recipient of any communication that is either insulting or inappropriate, please contact Mark Earlix immediately at 1.888.380.6388.

Thank you for your understanding and discernment in this matter.

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