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Experiential Healing
Next Group Session:
October 14-15 

Philadelphia, PA

Friday, October 6:
Healing Circle at 7 PM
October 7, 8:
Personal Appointments


For more information, contact: 

Susan Cavis at 480.612.3861 

Mark Earlix at 888.380.6388 


Contact Mark for Pricing Info. Send EMAIL.

Some educational discounts are available. Contact Michelle at or Call Mark at 888-380-6388 

Experiential Healing Apprentice Program - Mark Earlix (Banner).png

Experiential Healing Apprenticeship Program with Mark Earlix

Saturday, October 14 – Sunday, October 15

10:00 am – 4:00 pm (MDT) each day

Philadelphia, PA - Location TBA after registration

“Mark teaches his understanding of in-depth spiritual healing, intuition and many more aspects that any spiritual healer should know.”

                                                       ~(Jill, Reiki Master and Practitioner for over 21 years, Phoenix, AZ)

Since January of 2005, Mark has had people train alongside him in his Spiritual Matters LLC healing techniques. His two-day Experiential Healing Apprenticeship Program provides both simple and in-depth esoteric understanding of working with touch and non-touch Spiritual Healing. This is the perfect way to enhance and deepen your intuitive abilities and learn other techniques to help increase health and well-being in others – and in yourself!

The Program:

This course consists of lecture, discussion, question and answer sessions, and in-depth hands-on practice of manipulating energy. It also includes philosophical understanding that pertains to healing and the use of the intuitive process. No background in the Healing Arts is required – only your willingness to learn. Whether you have previous experience or are brand new to this process – you are welcome to join us!

During the Sessions:

Mark will instruct his apprentices on the importance of observing the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional responses in the bodies of those seeking healing. Then he will share the philosophical principles that pertain to his form of healing and the use of the intuitive process. The training will be tailored to each specific group and the students involved. Every Apprentice Training is UNIQUE!


Practice sensing spiritual fields

Develop your natural intuitive abilities

Learn to work with energy

Learn non-touch and touch spiritual healing

Acquire communication techniques for working with clients

Receive spiritual exercises to increase your ability to focus and practice

Learn to increase your spiritual sight

Contact Mark for Pricing Info. Send EMAIL.

Some educational discounts are available. Contact Michelle at

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