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Experiential Healing Apprenticeship Program

Experiential Healing
Next Group Session:
June 17th-19th
Scottsdale, AZ


Apprentice 3 day Training 800px_edited.p

Cost is $1,500 USD

Some educational discounts are available. Contact Mark at or Call Mark at 888-380-6388 

For the 18th year, Mark is offering this Apprenticeship Program

Since January of 2005, Mark has had people train alongside him in his Spiritual Matters LLC techniques.


The Apprenticeship Program is simple and in-depth esoteric understandings working with touch and non-touch Spiritual Healing and deepen/enhance your Intuitive abilities … and other techniques.  You do not need any particular background in the Healing Arts with the exception of your desire to learn. Participate no matter what level your training is. If you are there, it is your soul’s calling.


“Mark teaches his understanding of in-depth spiritual healing, intuition and many more aspects that any spiritual healer should know.” 

Jill, Reiki Master and Practitioner for over 21 years, Phoenix, AZ.


The Program:

A minimum program of 13-15 hours of training of study with Mark (dependent upon the class size).


Study includes several sessions alongside Mark for 3 days for approximately 4-5 hours per day. There will be ample time for lunch and short breaks.


The first part of the course, the apprentice will observe as Mark explains in depth what is happening in the Spiritual-Healing-Intuitive practice. There will be intermixed time for questions and feedback. There will also be ample philosophical and experiential work and description.


On the second and third days:

The apprentice will begin their initial contact with other Apprentices as Mark observes with his guidance and direction of what is happening, physically, neurologically, biologically, spiritually in the body and with their emotional response. There will also be ample time for questions and philosophical understanding that pertains to Mark's form of healing and the use of the intuitive process. The exchange of dialog will be tailored to each specific group-mind and learning needs. Every Apprentice Training is unique.


Highlights of the Apprenticeship Program:

  • Practice sensing spiritual fields

  • Develop your natural intuitive abilities

  • Learn to work with energy

  • Learn non-touch and touch spiritual healing

  • Acquire communication techniques for working with clients

  • Receive spiritual exercises to increase your ability to focus and practice

  • Learn to increase your spiritual sight

The Foundation

This course consists of lecture, discussion, question and answer sessions, and in-depth practice of manipulating energy. This course also includes philosophical understanding that pertains to healing and the use of the intuitive process.

Experiential Learning and Practice

This advanced course consists of applying your skills through greater direct contact with clientele. You will develop deeper philosophical understanding, along with fine tuning your advanced healing abilities. 

Boulder, CO Area

The Apprenticeship Programs are typically designed for 1 to 6 people. Flexible schedule available. Contact Mark for arrangements.

Out of State

The Apprenticeship Programs for larger groups can be scheduled in your area. Schedule will be pre-arranged. Contact Mark for arrangements.

Extended Training 

Previously certified and practiced Apprentices have pursued advanced training with Mark. He provides support and consulting as needed. These Advanced Healing Programs are hand-tailored to your needs and level of expertise.


Additional Training Option

The Ancient Abdominal Release Technique, a very powerful and restorative practice, where you will learn to spiritually and physically work with the cranium and the organs located within the pelvic and abdominal areas. This Abdominal Release Technique is rarely known in the Western world today.

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