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For over 40 years, Mark’s healings and teachings have helped tens of thousands around the United States, and from Israel to India.


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Mark Earlix, Healer and Spiritual Intuitive, will join 17 other teachers and leaders in the fields of healing and wellness for this incredible 9-day event.  

There are so many different methods and tools available to help clear energy blocks and access the creative force within.  Unfortunately, much of this knowledge has been hidden and only passed down from teacher to student.  Mark and the other speakers who will contribute to this summit believe that it’s time to share this information and empower as many people as possible to find wholeness, health and enlightenment.  

The “Develop Your Spiritual Power” Summit coming May 15th - 23rd is an amazing opportunity for exposure to a wide variety of techniques and information. The conversations and energetic exchange happening in this event promise to be elevating, transformative, and healing!

Register for this FREE event and you will receive access to 2 interviews daily for 9 consecutive days. Please register ASAP so you don’t miss any of the interviews!

For more details about this exciting worldwide event and to register, please click the link below.



This will be a fascinating event - with so many opportunities for learning and growth.


I strongly urge you to join me for this potentially life-altering experience!


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions!


Register Now!


Free Class 1-Hour Class In Spiritual Healing!

 Created exclusively for The Summit!

(Normally a $125 value)


Internationally known Healer-Intuitive will take you through unique techniques on how to work with yourself and others. He will be sharing methods he teaches and uses.


  • Learn about Scanning and the Timelines that represent the age of physical or emotional incidents in our life and others.

  • Develop in hands-on and non-touch Healing.

  • Spiritual Healing exercises to develop your abilities.

  • Ample time for questions, answers and short discussions.


Mark Earlix is a Spiritual Healer-Intuitive and has worked with many thousands of people with over 45 years of experience. This is for those that have experience, little or no experience.


When: Friday, May 30th at 5pm (Arizona Time)


Register now!


…going beyond the mindset

of healing yourself and others

In gratitude,



Mark Earlix, 

Healer and Spiritual Intuitive



Please be advised that Mark Earlix owns all legal rights to Mark Earlix, LLC. Any individual or group trying to impersonate or intercede with any type of  communication between Mark Earlix (or his Assistants) and Businesses for purposes of wrongful gain or defamation of Mark Earlix's person or business may be subject to penalties under Arizona state laws.

If you are the recipient of any communication that is either insulting or inappropriate, please contact Mark Earlix immediately at 1.888.380.6388.

Thank you for your understanding and discernment in this matter.

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